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Sunguard UVR Thread 231Q/L6873 (B138) 8oz Saddle

Sunguard UVR Thread 231Q/L6873 (B138) 8oz Saddle

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UVR Bonded Polyester Thread (B138) color matched to Sunbrella and OEM thread. Shading (Awning / Gazebo / Umbrella), Outdoor, Boat Tops, Boat Covers

The B138 Sunguard thread has approximately 1500 yards( 1371m) per 8oz spool and approximately 3000 yards (2743m) per 16 oz spool., Non-Wicking: Sunguard will not absorb water or swell., The B138 Sunguard thread is a 3 Ply twisted UVR Bonded Polyester thread, Bobbins available in Black and White in Type "G" & "M". Type "G"- White Part # 1382011, Black Part # 1382242 Type "M"- Whote Part # 1382012, Black Part # 1382242

Brand name  Sunguard